Creative & Unique Beds

At Bobo Kids our fabulous collection of creative beds lets your kids' explore the full potential of their imaginations whilst ensuring that you won't have any trouble getting them to bed.

We have chosen an inspiring range of unique beds that transform any bedroom into a truly exciting place to be. Offering exceptional levels of comfort, clever storage ideas and appealing designs, our high-quality beds are a true delight. Kids' rooms become a place for fun and adventure whilst your home will benefit from stylish furnishings around which you can create incredible decorative schemes.

Tree House Beds

Youngsters will adore our tree house beds which bring the adventure of the great outdoors right into your home. Available in both single bed and bunk bed designs, our tree house beds are sure to inspire your little explorers whilst ensuring a peaceful night's sleep. The beds are available in a variety of finishes to suit your home and will amaze all who see them.

Caravan and Tent Beds

Children adore camping but if you would rather they set up camp in the safety of your home then our caravan and tent beds are the perfect solution. Kids with a sense of adventure who love sleeping under the stars will adore these funky and stylish designs. Budding explorers can get started on their adventures and with the coolest bedroom in town, your kids will certainly be happy campers. Better still, our caravan and tent beds are available in 18 colours so we are sure to have the perfect bed for both your child and your home.

Sensible Storage

Storage is always an issue in children's bedrooms with all those clothes and toys to accommodate. Our fabulous beds from the Room Planner collection by Asoral could be the perfect solution. If floor space is at a premium then why not go up? Room Planner beds are raised to provide valuable storage beneath them. These premium designs are fashioned from solid beech and the wood is sourced from sustainable forests.

If you are looking for imaginative and inspiring furniture for your youngsters' bedrooms then you will find exactly what you need in the Bobo Kids range. With outstanding design qualities, useful storage space and creative concepts that kids will love, our carefully chosen collection of creative and unique beds will always surprise and delight.

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