High Sleeper Loft Beds

The Bobo Kids range features a variety of stunning loft beds that would grace any youngster's bedroom. Stylish designs and practical features combine to create inspiring high-sleeper beds that kids adore.

Space is always an issue in kids' bedrooms and there is so much to store in what can often be a small room. If there is limited floor space available for furnishings then one way to tackle the problem is to raise the height of the bed. This creates extra room underneath for storage, or a study or play area. This creative use of space gives kids a more practical room whilst providing a stylish look for your home.

We offer an exceptional collection of high sleeper beds and loft beds here at Bobo Kids and we are confident that you will discover the perfect furniture for your child's bedroom right here. Our high quality children's beds have been carefully designed to combine useful practical features with chic and creative styling. Each design offers a raised bed with valuable space beneath to suit your particular needs. Some styles incorporate storage or a desk whilst others provide free space to use as you wish.

Our exciting range includes raised beds by Mathy by bols and Asoral and features kids' furnishings in a wide variety of colours to suit your decorative scheme. There is no limit to the stylish looks that you can create regardless of the space at your disposal and our high sleeper beds will always delight the youngsters too.

The Scandinavians say that there is no such thing as bad weather, just the inappropriate clothing. We say that there are no awkward bedrooms if you invest in the right kids' furniture!

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